Formal computer handover programme 2022

Formally handover
computer 11 computer,
1 backup and 1 three in one colour
printer on the hand of chairperson
(Shree Nawalal Devkota) from school
management committee of Shree
Siddha Basic School Lumle.

The computer is formally open by
the chairperson of Annapurna Rural
Municipality ward 6, Lumle
(Shree Yek Dev Devkota)

Once again heartily
thankful to madam “Leyla
Ramizovna Kantemirova”
as well as family and madam
“Marina Bronnikova”
as well as family for your
kind heart.

Our special thanks goes
Mrs. Man Bahadur Nepali
for your huge effort and

Aaroma Homes 🏡 Family 2022

Saving the footprints 👣
of our ansistors ….
+977 -9814130871

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