History of ” Ghotane Gurung ” of Lumle village what we know….

Lumle, also known as ” Poetry village”, is the place with heaviest annual rainfall in whole Nepal. According to the legends, the first person to settle down in Lumle was ” Norkhu Gurung “, one of our ancestors. He had migrated from Sikles village to Armala village and then to Lumle. This house is around 200 years old and it originally belonged to our Late grandfather’s brother ” Mr. Ganja Sing Gurung. “

He was a very wealthy person of his time and is said to have lots of Silver Coins. Having no progeny of his own, he used to distribute those coins to the villagers in need. He is said to have so much coins that he could donate them in Mana* and Pathi* for social welfare purposes.
( * They are traditional standard pots of Nepali measurement, capable of holding around 0.5 kg and 4 kg equivalent of rice grains)

According to the elders, he had once organized ” Saptaha”, a very sacred Nepali religious ceremony where gods are worshipped continuously for 7 days, without any breaks. On that particular occasion, he had invited all the villagers to receive the blessings of the gods and feast together. And there is a story that two villagers just vanished from the village. Nobody knew where they went. Now, all that is left is a stone in the middle of a corn field ( known as ” Dhunga ko Chauko ” in nepali) as a reminiscence of that ceremony.

After the demise of Mr. Ganja Sing Gurung, his property was distributed among his brothers and their sons. I renovated this house as a souvenir of our culture and turned into a home stay in 2019 Dec 15.

A warm welcome to the heritage house of Gurung culture !!

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